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FINALLY! Michael Cera Is Doing The Arrested Development Movie

Sources at E! online  confirmed yesterday that Micheal has finally agreed to star in the upcoming Arrested Development Movie. He was the only one of the cast of stars that was holding out but now we’ve got ‘em. Also, according to the sources at E!, the movie could go as early as the end of [...]

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Who Is The Best Replacement For Michael Cera In The Upcoming Arrested Development Movie?

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Michael Cera Holding Up “Arrested Development” Movie?

It increasingly seems that all parties are on track to make an “Arrested Development” movie – except perhaps for Michael Cera. From Mitch Hurwitz, who is the creator and executive producer of the show, to narrator and producer Ron Howard and much of the cast, enthusiasm for the project is high. In fact, “Juno” and [...]

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Update on Arrested Development Movie Plans from Mitch Hurwitz

After months and months of speculation about an Arrested Development movie, it was announced a few weeks ago that it will actually happen. Movies based on TV shows have become commonplace but it’s extremely rare for a show’s original cast to make the transition. With that in mind, is it realistic to expect that movie [...]

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Who Should Play George Michael in the Arrested Development Movie?

This could be very bad. What if they make the Arrested Development movie but Michael Cera doesn’t do it. I find it hard to believe that he wouldn’t but that is the rumors going around. I don’t want to see an episode without George Michael Bluth. He is one of my favorites. Here are some [...]

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