Review Of Student of The Year Movie

As a college student, there are times you probably don’t feel like studying anymore and just want to enjoy a really good movie and enjoy yourself. It’s obvious that studies can be very demanding, but it is widely believed that all work and no play make Jack a dull boy. It’s important to relax your mind with past time activities you enjoy doing, such as watching movies.

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To relax from the studies, we recommend you to watch a movie Student of The Year. It will definitely grab your attention and will add more colors to your life.

The Plot

Student of The Year movie will be good for both Drama and Romance fans. It’s not fair to forget to mention the usual singing and dancing performances that accompany most Indian movies. A significant dose of humor is guaranteed too, and all these attributes can already confirm that this is one of those must-watch movies.

Directed by Karan Johar, this movie is mainly centered around three characters, all in high school. Shanaya is the kind of girl that every boy in high school would want to be associated with. She is also the type of girl that other girls wish they could be, famous, outstandingly beautiful, not to mention from a rich family.

She is in a relationship with Rohan since their childhood days, but it’s obvious that Rohan has an eye for other girls. This is because he is constantly flirting with a girl named Tanya whenever he gets the chance, and this gets on Shanaya’s nerves from time to time. Abhimanyu, a new student from a humble background who first had conflicts with Rohan, but they later become best friends.

It happens that Abhimanyu gets invited to Rohan’s brother’s wedding in Thailand, and there he became interested in Shanaya. This is because, as usual, Rohan continues to flirt with Tanya, and for that reason, Shanaya flirts with Abhimanyu. Then comes the Student of The Year competition, the climax of the movie during which Shanaya reciprocates Abhimanyu’s feelings.

This builds up anticipation between Rohan and Abhimanyu, which can be witnessed throughout their competition as they try to outdo each other. The cast is simply amazing, and the cinematography is on point!

Being a college student doesn’t mean that you should study throughout and miss out all the fun that college life has to offer. As much as your studies require attention, you should learn to relax from time to time.

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