Will Arnett Still Waiting For Arrested Development Movie

When MTV News caught up with Michael Cera in January, the actor labeled the long-gestating “Arrested Development” film as “more hypothetical than people think.” His co-star Will Arnett apparently agrees.

“There’s no script as of right now, but it’s something that Mitch [Hurwitz] is actively working and getting ready for, and we’re hoping to start shooting by the end of the year,” he told us. “I know that’s one of the goals. There are a lot of pieces that have to come together. There are what, like, nine cast members plus various other people like Mitch and Ron Howard, and everybody kind of has to get their brain around this one delicious soufflé.”

Arnett also laughed at the media’s obsession with the idea of a Bluth family reunion on the bigscreen. “God, I’ve never known a movie who’s every step of development has been as closely followed. This movie’s gonna be such a disaster,” joked the actor, who plays devious magician Gob.

“That’s my hope, by the way,” he continued. “Secretly, I want it to be so bad just to be like ‘ya see?’ I don’t really. Sorry, I take that back.” Asked where he’d like to see his character up to in a feature film, Arnett insisted “Don’t leave it up to my imagination, because it will go to Cuckootown really fast.”

Speaking of which, Arnett revealed that the only project he is actively writing right now (with Hurwitz) is a new live-action half-hour show for Fox. “It’s a little too early to comment on what it’s about but it might delve into Cuckoodom a little bit.”

Arnett will return to animation not once but twice more this year. He’ll voice a character on Hurwitz’s new animated Fox show, “Sit Down Shut Up,” which debuts on April 19, and he’ll play a live-action FBI agent this summer in Disney’s animated film “G-Force.”

He’ll also appear opposite Kristen Bell in another Disney project, “When in Rome.”

Are you counting down the hours to an “Arrested Development” film? Or should they leave well enough alone?

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A Podcast Interview with Mitch Hurwitz and Will Arnett

Tim Goodman from the San Francisco Cronicle is a television critic who had time to sit down with the creator of Arrested Development Mitch Hurwitz and the loveable GOB Bluth Will Arnett. You can download the podcast and listen to the interview here.

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It’s always hard being the first panel of any comic convention, but WonderCon kicked off with a full room, as fans of Mitch Hurwitz’s Emmy-winning show “Arrested Development” were given a chance to see a first taste of his new animated show “Sit Down, Shut Up,” which will premiere on FOX at 8:30 PM on April 19. Before they went to questions from the audience, the moderator asked about the much-anticipated movie based on “Arrested Development” that has been discussed a lot both by Hurwitz and the cast of the show.

Before Hurwitz could give a serious response, Will Arnett, who provides one of the voices for the new show, joked, “We are dangerously close to confirming that? we have read the rumors on the internet.”

“Here’s what’s going on with the movie,” Hurwitz told the audience of his fans. “Everyone goes off and has careers and that kind of thing, so it’s been a little challenging to schedule everybody together, but everyone who has agreed to make this movie has agreed to make this movie, and we’re going to make the movie. I haven’t written it yet, so I’ll be accepting pitches. We’re determined to do this.”

“It was a great joy and privilege, all kidding aside, to do a show that took risks and with such a wonderful cast and wonderful writers,” he continued. “For us, it’s irresistible. Here’s an interesting thing about it. When we did the show, one of the things that really made it work is that we didn’t hold ourselves up to any standard. We got a lot of positive critical recommendations, but we even kind of ignored those and just did what was funny to us, and kind of remained the underdog in a great way. It was very clear early on that we weren’t going to be a big hit, so it really was a labor of love. Now suddenly, there is a bar to hit. I think the key to this is once we get as many pieces as we’re going to, which appears we have, we’ll just dive in and have fun and see if we can create the same thing. But we’re excited about it.”

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FINALLY! Michael Cera Is Doing The Arrested Development Movie

Sources at E! online  confirmed yesterday that Micheal has finally agreed to star in the upcoming Arrested Development Movie. He was the only one of the cast of stars that was holding out but now we’ve got ‘em.

Also, according to the sources at E!, the movie could go as early as the end of this year. Mitch Hurwitz is writing and Fox Searchlight has signed on to be the studio.

Ron Howard said to Ryan Seacrest at the Oscars Sunday:

“It’s looking very much like we’re going to make [the movie], but we’ve now been asked to stop offering any details. It’s cloaked in a little mystery, but it’s looking good.”

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Ron Howard Confirms Arrested Development Movie On The Red Carpet

At last night’s Red Carpet Event, MTV News asked Ron Howard about the Upcoming Arrested Development Movie. Here is the video from MTV blog  from the red carpet at the 81st Oscars.

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I remember way back in the summer of 2007 when my friend from Florida (I live in New Jersey) came up to visit and said “Have you heard of Arrested Development?” At the time I was familiar with the show, I knew that it aired on fox and I knew some of the actors who were in it but I never watched it. In fact, I really didn’t watch any television.

“You gotta watch it, it’s probably the funniest show I have ever seen.” he said. That stuck in my mind for a while. I always take recommendations from my best friends. My other friend told me to watch “Lost” and now I’m super addicted.

One lazy morning I was flipping through the channels and landed on G4. It turned out they were playing a marathon of Arrested Development and I was currently watching the first three minutes of the pilot. At that very moment I decided to watch and didn’t stop until they played through the entire first season. I was HOOKED!

Later that evening I went and bought all three seasons on DVD and did a mini marathon myself. Needless to say I got nothing else done.

I have since watched the entire series 5 times from beginning to end and have gotten 10 of my other friends addicted to it as well.

I invite you to share your Arrested Development discovery story with the world and sign the petition (If you haven’t already) to get this movie made. We deserve it.

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Who Is The Best Replacement For Michael Cera In The Upcoming Arrested Development Movie?

If Michael Cera Doesn't Do The Arrested Development Movie (Dick!) Then Who Would Be The Next Best Choice

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David Cross Talks Arrested Development Movie

NEW YORK, Feb 1, 2009 (UPI via COMTEX) — Comedian David Cross says there still appears to be a possibility of seeing a film version of the defunct U.S. TV series “Arrested Development.”

While Cross, who played Tobias Funke on the former FOX series, admitted to not knowing much about the potential film production, he assured “Arrested” fans that things appeared to be headed in the right direction, the New York Post reported Sunday.

“I’ll tell you what I know, which is, I don’t know,” Cross told the Post. “But that’s better than what it was prior to the last four months, which was, It’s not gonna happen.”

Cross said “Arrested” creator Mitch Hurwitz had already contacted him about the possibility of revisiting his former TV role in a film version.

The comedian also spoke with the Post about his reported new show with Bob Odenkirk, with whom he created the TV comedy “Mr. Show.”

“Bob and I wrote some stuff, had a great time writing and shooting it and everybody was psyched,” said Cross, who added the editing process for the show was less than inspiring.

Provided by An Inconvenient Bluth

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